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Learn More About The Future of The Metaverse

The term metaverse is derived from the Latin word for "subterranean". It's thought to be the place you go when you die in orde...

Admin 11 Apr, 2022

Singapore hopes to drive oceanic development, online protection flexibility

Singapore has managed to introduce a system that uses blockchain technology to collect taxes from owners of mining rigs and cryptocurrency m...

Admin 10 Apr, 2022

Block & Blockstream are banding together with Tesla on an off-lattice, sunlight based controlled Bitcoin mine in Texas

Block & Blockstream are building a mining machine that will utilize the sun to power Bitcoin mining. The machine is currently being test...

Admin 9 Apr, 2022

Making hydrogen fuel through plastic trash

When we talk about the environment, the first thing that would cross many minds is how to save the world. There is a lot of attention on h...

Admin 8 Apr, 2022

Future of solar cells | Third generation solar cells | Better performance

Sun oriented cells, or photovoltaic (PV) cells to give them their right name, are utilized to change over light energy into electrical energ...

Admin 6 Apr, 2022

Co- founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey says he is 'somewhat to fault' for bringing together web

The Twitter prime supporter - who ventured down as CEO of the miniature publishing content to a blog application in 2021 - has conceded he...

Admin 6 Apr, 2022