How to pick the best domain name

Choosing a perfect domain name is very important for you if you want to create a perfect visibility through internet. If you run a online business or an agency, picking a name that will be relatable with your company is a difficult task to do. This article sums up every one of the various interesting points prior to making that last enrollment step!

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Basically domain names are the URL that people type into their browsers to reach your website. 

A good domain name should have this qualities-

   1. Memorable.

         2. Easy to spell and type.

         3. Relevant to your business.

A domain name with above qualities will draw attention to the audience easily that will increase you succeed rate.

There are few things to focus when choosing your domain name.

1.       What is your business?

If you have a business or if you run an agency then it is important to select your domain name that is relevant with your industry. For example, If you are in the Health and fitness industry, you might want to choose a domain name like or If you run a software agency, you might want to choose a domain name like or (“Bankai” is a Japanese word that means final release. As an anime fan, I love using Japanese word lmao.)

2.       What is your brand?

Your domain name should reflect the brand you want to create for your business. For example, if you're a wedding photographer, you might want to choose a domain name like The rules are  similar for a clothing brand, service brand or tools brand etc.

3.       What is your targeted audience?

You have to know about your audience. You have to know about their need like what they want and how much they expect from a service providers like you.


Tips for picking the perfect domain name.

Domain length.

Domain name can be long(1 to 20 words) or short(1 to 5 words). It is a good decision to choose a short domain name because it will be easy to remember. It is vital according to an attractiveness viewpoint. As visitors arrive at your website and appreciate surfing it, they will probably tell others about it. What's more, those individuals might tell others, and so on your brand will reach to more people. On the other hand, if your domain name is long then people will less remember it and it will be difficult to promote your business.

Buy multiple domains.

People often make typing mistakes. If that happens then they will have hard time to reach your website. There is a solution for that. For example, if your domain name is “” then you should also consider buying “” and “”. You can also buy top level level domain with the same name and then redirect them to your main websites. It will also help you reach more people and making less competitor with same brand name.

Using hyphen.

If your domain name contains two or more words then use hyphen among them to separate. This will help people to remember the name more quickly.

Domain extensions.

There are many top level domain like .com, .net, . org, and .biz etc. Generally speaking, top level domain are very hard to get now because most of them are not available now.

Top level domains

The “.com” domain is most used domain name because it goes with any type of industry. If you cannot find a .com domain name then go for the other top level domain names. People feel safe accessing a top level domain name containing website.

Trademark law

Be extremely careful so as not to enlist domain names that include trademark names. Despite the fact that web domain name regulation questions are interesting and have not many cases in presence, the gamble of a fight in court isn't a gamble worth taking. Regardless of whether you accept your area name is distant by a business that has reserved a name, don't take the risk: the expense of case is very high and except if you have abundant resources you won't probably have the assets to protect yourself in an official courtroom. Indeed, even avoid area names in what portion of the name is reserved: the dangers are something very similar.

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