Sony, Lego is rumored to invest 2 billion dollar in Epic Games metaverse effort

Sony Computer Entertainment and the Lego Group are set to invest US$2 billion in Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games to help create a Disney-like virtual reality world.


The first step in developing a virtual world which could one day become an online multiplayer game is to lock down the creative vision. Virtual worlds should be anchored in the physical, with their meaning and message coming from what their physical form represents. The creative vision is Sony's equivalent of product design and interactive development capability.

This blog post is about the Qatari-based investment arm of Sony, the investment arm of Lego and the investment arm of Tencent, aiming to invest $2 billion in the metaverse. As a way to get Sony, Lego, and Tencent involved in living in a virtual world, this blog will go over the aims, strategy and technology of the collaborative investment.

Japanese monster Sony and Lego's Danish parent firm declared Monday a $2 billion interest in US gaming stalwart Epic Games for its work toward joining the metaverse vision for the web's future.

Scores of tech firms have been hurrying to put resources into building the metaverse, a free term covering the developing eco-arrangement of intuitive web-based universes, games and 3D gathering places that are as of now drawing in huge number of clients.

As computer games like Epic's hit Fortnite, the forerunners of the metaverse as of now exist in a moderate manner, with individuals meeting up not exclusively to play, yet in addition to communicate and take part in occasions.

The $2 billion (1.84 billion euros) in financing is pointed toward propelling Epic's "vision to construct the metaverse and support its proceeded with development," the three firms said in a joint proclamation.

Sony, currently an investor in Epic Games, and Kirkbi, Lego's parent firm, are each contributing $1 billion, the organizations said.

"Every one of the three organizations profoundly esteem the two makers and players, and mean to make new friendly amusement investigating the association among computerized and actual universes," they added.

The venture presents to Epic Games' valuation to $31.5 billion, the US game studio said.

With 350 million clients around the world, its Fortnite game is allowed to download, however creates billions in income with the buy by players of extra things for their characters, including clothing.

The game has in practically no time turned into a worldwide peculiarity, to the point that a few games are presently followed live by a great many watchers.

Sony and Lego have made a multi-year investment in a project to develop the industry-leading engine for the Metaverse. The companies have put in $2 billion into the creation of the engine of the Metaverse, which is a virtual world completely owned by the player. Currently, Sony and Lego are working on the new engine to work with other popular platforms and technology, such as the Playstation and the Lego bricks.

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