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WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta,is claiming to share large files for a long time. Users have a lot of trouble sharing large files on WhatsApp, but it is now going to end.

Now, It is possible to share any kind of large file through WhatsApp from now on. Yes, not an MB file, but also a GB file can be sent.

Although there are many opportunities on social media, there are several limitations too. WhatsApp acts as an important platform to share from pictures to necessary documents with everyone through the popular chatting app WhatsApp. But through this app, it is possible to send only files of a certain size| But now it's all in the past. It is possible to share any kind of large file through WhatsApp from now on. Yes, not the MB file, but also the GB file can be sent.

In the tech world, it is known that WhatsApp is already working on this issue. Developers have introduced new features for certain beta testers. However, this facility was initially introduced in Argentina. WhatsApp is providing a special facility to share files up to 2 GB. There are plans to gradually introduce this feature for users as well for WhatsApp users in other countries. This was recently tweeted by Wa-Beta-Info.

The new update will come for both iOS and Android. It will be seen in the,, version in Android Beta version and in case of iOS it will be seen in the version.

In fact, the popular chatting app WhatsApp can currently enjoy the facility of sharing up to 100 MB files. Similarly, files larger than 25 MB cannot be sent to Gmail. However, the convenience of sharing large-sized files is available through Google Drive.  Now, if gradually the facility of sending large size files through WhatsApp is available, then all the WhatsApp users will be especially benefited.

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