The Ryzen5 3600 killer, intel i3 12100

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By saying intel i3 12100, we all understand the entry-level budget processors of the Intel Core Family, which are the most backward in terms of clock speed, core thread count, memory overclocking or cache memory amount compared to other processors. Performance is also naturally on the back side. But this concept is probably going to end. Intel's newly launched 12th Gen Core i3 is set to end with the 12100K. Whatever the specs, in the third-party review, it has been matched by a number of ex-flagship and ex-budget kings with better or better or similar performances.

Specification & Price:

The 12th gen core i3 12100 has 4 core and thread 8 in it. In this case, however, there is no difference between the core i3 10100 and the11100 released in the previous years with 12100. The base clock speed is 3.3GHz and the boost clock is 4.3GHz. The L3 cache is given 12 MB, base TDP 60 Watts and MAX TDP 89 watts. Up to a maximum of 128 GB of RAM can be installed in the two slots combined. DDR4 can install RAM at a speed of 3200Mhz and DDR5 4800Mhz.

Review & test:

In today's article, we will use the video of gamers nexus as a reference. Its test system: EVGA RTX 3080,G-Skill Trident Z 4x8GB 3200Mhz.

Gaming performance in CSGO (1080p very high settings):

First of all, the counter-strike. This game, which runs on the old APIs and ENGINEs, is still very popular. Core i3 12100 has been able to pick up 251 fps average framerate in this game. With this 251 FPS, this entry-level processor is backed by the Ryzen 9 3900x, ryzen 7 3700x, core i5 11400 and ryzen 5 3600.

That is, at least in this game, the processor is almost equal to the better and 9900k (254 fps) from almost all processors in the Performance Rise 3000 series. As a four-core processor, this is quite amazing.

In cyberpunk 2077(1080p,medium)  extremely demanding and graphically rich have managed to raise 12100 to 141.5 fps in this AAA game. Here too, the processor is ahead of ryzen 7 3700x to 8 fps and 3600 to 14 fps ahead. It's slightly ahead of 3900x.

At last in RDR2(1080p,medium ) with 139 fps, it is almost equal to 3700x, but it is well behind 3900x,11400. Although the 3600 is also 6 fps behind here.

In productivity, apart from Adobe Photoshop, blender, the performance of 12100 in the rest of the Tests is not at all impressive. The score at Blender is equal to 11400 and better from 11400,3700x,9900k,3600 in Photoshop. 

In Chromium and Premier Pro, however, this four-core processor is at the bottom.

Discussion and verdict :

It's a good thing to get closer or better performance from a four-core eight-thread 90/100 (130USD with iGPU) dollar processor in the $300-400 range near 6-8 core midrange-flagship processors. The fact that smooth gaming in high graphics is possible on a low budget at high framerate, with a Core i3 processor, that a good gaming experience is now possible.

Especially with an entry-level motherboard on a low budget, this processor can be the best choice for those who want to build a gaming PC with a power supply of 400-500 watts without an aftermarket cooler. 

For whom:

It is recommended and perfect for those who are going to build a gaming focused building with a small productivity on a low budget.

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