Muscle memory - What is it? How does it work?


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We frequently hear the name of this thing(Muscle memory) in fitness. But numerous people do not know what it really is. Cycling, driving, playing any sports, keyboard typing, martial arts, dancing etc. considers as activities of muscle memory.
 Moment's post is about this month's memory. Muscle memory says two effects again. Both are correct. Nothing is wrong. Let's say what is common first.
 Suppose a person is veritably muscular and strong. For some reason he gave up training. It's been 5 times and i have not been exercising.
 Naturally, he will not be in a good shape. He'll be in the same situation as normal and 10 people.
 Five times latterly, he allowed, "No! That is enough, I will be fit again.
 He started training again. This time, still, he will not have to struggle so hard for the first time to gain Muscle and Strength. You have to suffer, but it will not take so long for the first time.
The last time it took him 2 times to make a piece, this time it'll be seen that he has gained as much in 6-8 months.
 This thing is called muscle memory.
 For the first time, we've to take a lot of trouble, a lot of time, to get to any one condition. But for some reason, if the gap falls, it does not take important time to get to the atuk or get too close to it.
 Because our body was in that condition formerly ahead, the body remembers that. This memory of the body is called muscle memory.
 Numerous times, you'll see that a former bodybuilder is gaining veritably presto after starting a new bone. But you may not be suitable to try too hard. This is because of this muscle memory.
 Just as it applies to muscle, it also applies to strength.
 Numerous people take advantage of this again in fitness.


There are numerous coaches, who want to give up diet and exercise, willingly eat too much, eat bad food and go out of shape veritably snappily.
 Also again in a many months, he went back to the former condition and gave his picture. Say, look, i did not do the metamorphosis!!
. Seeing this metamorphosis, we crack our hands happily.
 I suppose wow wow. What a devoted man!!
In fact, it's like that, but nothing.
 But one thing is, indeed if you can go veritably snappily in the condition like ahead, if you want to go to a better condition than this, but there's no advantage of redundant. Also again, you have to do it as hard as everyone differently.
 So then is a muscle memory.
 In the trimming world, this is what we mean by muscle memory.
Another muscle is more suitable for memory athletes.
 This is to exercise a movement to such a position that our body habitually does it without allowing.

 What do I mean?

Have you ever watched boxing or any other martial trades competition?

One hits a punch, the other one stops it veritably presto, and also reverse punches?

 Have you noticed how presto the work is?
 How do they do it so presto?

 Still, I will stop like this, also this way I will counterattack, If I am hit like this. But there is no time to suppose so much.

 Still, how do they do it??

, If not. This month's memory. They practice a movement a thousand times, if you punch or protest from this side in this way, I'll stop like this, also I'll counterattack in this way.
 While rehearsing this thing over and over again, it takes you to such a position that you don't have to worry about such a punch or kick, Masel stops his habit, goes into the coming move.
 This is another type of muscle memory, i.e. to exercise a movement. However, our muscle will do this automatically, we won't indeed have to worry, If we see this thing passing.
All fighters do this, understand it or not. Fighters have sparring sessions to develop this muscle memory.
 And I just gave the fighters the test. This is the case with utmost athletes.
 So you know about two types of muscle memory. I hope it's clear to you.

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