Meal plan for mountaineering | What to eat before & after climbing


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Trekking is principally a medium intensity cardio, where occasionally a good quantum of physical energy is needed for a short period of time.

 Trekking is generally done for 8-12 hours per day or indeed 16-20 hours in the field. In this post, I'll talk about what kind of nutritious meal plan you need for mountaineering.

  Potassium-Magnesium, These two nutrients are veritably introductory. Because if you do shadowing, it's veritably natural that your body will sweat, you'll lose sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The loss of calcium by sweating is generally limited. But magnesium plays an important part in energy metabolism, which is why the mitochondria in your body's cells use magnesium constantly. With the lack of water, the rapid-fire consumption of magnesium-potassium substantially starts the problem of muscle cramps of pedestrians. For this, pedestrians need 1000-1200 mg of magnesium and 6500-8000 mg of potassium per day.

 As a source of magnesium, almonds, sweet pumpkin seeds, chia seeds will be useful while touring. Chia seeds, bananas, dates, raisins will work well as potassium sources.
But these won't be suitable to give you the cure you need, so those who don't formerly have enough magnesium/ potassium in the body, they may feel challenged. Pedestrians can use life extension magnesium or life extension magnesium potassium extended release supplements if they want to avoid cramps. Take two 500 mg a day, at the morning of the trekking and 2-3 hours before the end of the trekking.

 Vitamin D and Zinc Vitamin D is one of the two most important nutrients for our muscle power. However, give is no muscle power, If you give is no vitamin D. I am talking about strength and power independently. By consuming vitamin D, you can fire your muscle snappily and hard for a short period of violent energy work. The alternate man then zinc. However, I will always prefer zinc, If athletes come to me and want to increase their performance. Zinc, too, goes out in sweat, especially in men's sweat.

 During touring, the cure of zinc will be 40 mg a day for men and 20 mg for women, but this cure won't be needed if there's enough fish and red meat. And the megadose should start seven days before vitamin D trekking. Boys will take IU per day, girls will take IU. At the end of the trekking, reduce this cure to a day for a week, also a day will be enough.
B vitamins In touring, you'll need B-1 and B-6 substantially among the B vitamins. You can use 100 mg in B-1 days while touring, indeed if you don't use B-6, if you eat enough funk meat.

I formerly did extreme trekking in the depths of Bandarban. Now isn't the time, if you do not get the chance, also you can not get along with those musketeers again.
Trekking is veritably good for the body and mind. Those who have the occasion should journey 3-4 times a time for at least 3 days each time.
Happy shadowing guys.

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