Intel Arc Graphics Card is announced to be launched on March 30.


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The wait is finally coming to an end. Putting an end to years of discussions, speculations, hundreds of true fake news, leaks, rumors, Intel announced the launch date of its Intel Arc Discrete Graphics Card. Intel will officially launch its Arc GPU at the Arc Event on March 30. In this in the article, we have also discussed some of the vital leaks, rumors, possible specs related to Intel Arc. Laptop GPUs launched at March 30 event.

Intel has published a separate website for the upcoming Arc event. It is clearly written there with quite agile tagline that the announcement of Intel Arc Graphics will come on March 30. First of all, it seems that the graphics cards of the laptop will be launched because they are clearly mentioned in their announcement. At the same time, Intel is expected to release significant information, teasers, trailers and detailed roadmaps about desktop GPU on that day. The tagline on Intel's website is as follows.

“A New Stage of the Game
Join us on March 30th at 8 A.M. Pacific Time to see Intel® Arc™ graphics take center stage and get a first look at our new discrete graphics for laptops.”

Intel has also uploaded a video called The Story Behind Arc to the site. The 30th event can be enjoyed live. However, Intel has mentioned that the browser cache may need to be cleared for this.

Here are some confirmed/leaked/expected information about Intel Arc:

Intel A370M,350M, i.e. DG2-128EU. Based GPUs can be launched. Lisa Pearce in the Intel community has confirmed that the ARC 370M laptop GPU is 2x faster than intel's iGPU. In the Metro Exodus, 1080p medium, 12700H, 32GB 4800 MHz system has got the same result.

There are 3 variants of DG2???

In the source file of a firmware update library for Intel's Linux, a third variant called SoC3 has been found. In the source code, it is located between SoC 1 and 2. The variant is also expected to be the GPU of 384 EU-256 CORES.
It was not mentioned in any of the previous leaked slides. In that case, it is also likely to be a mobile SKU. As for die size, core counts, EU, this SoC can be considered as a midrange or A500 Tier. In that case, these 500 series or SoC RTX 3060/RX 6600 can give performance or they can be launched by targeting them.

Desktop variants launched in May-June?

According to Intel's roadmap, the mobile GPU will be launched in the first quarter of the year and the desktop GPU in the second quarter. According to igorslab, the launch of the desktop GPU may be slightly delayed due to driver optimization, tuning, etc. According to his source, they will be launched between May 2 and June 1.

Are the cards divided into 3 performance tiers/ categories?

According to the specifications and performance, intel can launch GPUs in 3 categories like core i3, i5, i7. Entry-level A300, midrange's A500 and High Performance Grade A500 are such categories that we might see in Intel's GPU lineup.

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