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The popularity of mechanical keyboard is increasing day by day, the number and scale of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts is increasing in our country. Once upon a time, mechanical keyboards were thought of as things of the big people, expensive things, keyboards worth 5-10 thousand rupees. However, due to the change of time, in the last one and a half years, the mechanical keyboard price has come to the hand. At least the price of entry-level mechanical keyboards is very low now. There are many entry level budget mechanical keyboards available for Rs 1800-2500. One of the models is the Mumre Wrangler K100. . I have had the opportunity to buy it for a while on offer for Rs 1200. In this article, I will try to share my experience of a few days with the keyboard.


The keyboard is available in two colors, in 3 switches. The Mumre Wrangler K100 keyboard is available in the blue brown red switch version for the black color. The keyboard has rainbow RGB. This is a full size keyboard which means that all the keys of the traditional keyboard, including numpad, are there.
The build quality is fairly robust. The cable of 1.5m is of white color, the cable is not braided. There are two sides of the plastic feet, with which you can adjust the height of the keyboard as needed. The keys are arranged in floating design.
There are light boards from top to bottom along the width in the two corners of the keyboard that continue to burn in the Paste color, adding a different dimension to the look of this keyboard. These two light boards look beautiful.
The key travel distance is quite short, the keys are very lite, smooth, a little press becomes the command issue, so there is no problem of pushing, fast typing is good. 
These switches are not hot swappable, it is also too much to ask for in this budget.
I typed on this keyboard, which I said my experience was very good, those who want to take the keyboard for typing, for office work, for learning coding, typing, can take it. I've played games and a couple of games with it, the experience here was also good. 
Because of the short overview, I can't add the key tests here. Later on, I may be able to test the delay, lag with software like pass mark keyboard test, switch hitter.
Sound quality:
Speaking of sound, I didn't seem too loud. Instead, being used to the Outemu Blue Switch, I like the sounds of this switch very much, no one will be too disturbed while typing, the sound will not cause much annoyance to the people around me, this keyboard will not cause such annoyance. I'm going to give you the recording below, but in my opinion, the sound of this keyboard is actually less than the recording.
Of course, keep in mind that I'm reviewing/overviewing Brown Switch, those who take the Blue Switch can be louder, clicky, thocky. The experience of the red switch will be better.
The keyboard has ABS Double shot Keycaps. They like decent, font size, font styles and fine. There should be no problem with visibility. The light shines well through and the letters are illuminated. Keycaps are also light enough.
I say 1200 rupees and 1500/1800 rupees, it is good that there is a system of lighting on this price keyboard. It is unreasonable to think that there will be tons of customizations, software, sync. However, the Mumre Wrangler K100 Keyboard has rainbow RGB. It is not a complete or proper RGB, but rather can be called fixed RGB. There are a number of presets that can be changed with keys up to FN+(F1-F12). The presets are quite good and interesting to me as a price. Many of the keyboards in this budget have only fixed led lighting, which can not be changed at all, customized, nor preset.
Even if you can't change the color, you can change different presets, you can change brightness and change. As an entry level keyboard, I like these things very much.
If i say the place of this keyboard's deficiency, it is its warranty. There is only a 6-month warranty on this keyboard which is really low. At least I don't think there's an opportunity to justify the warranty with a price.

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