30 Rules to Live Healthy


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30 rules of staying healthy that everyone (non-diabetic) should follow:

 1) Wake up by 7a.m.

 2) Falling asleep by 11p.m.

 3) Walk at least 2-3 km in the morning before eating.

4) After returning home from a walk, eat at least 1 tablespoon of apple cider ginger bomb juice on an empty stomach. The country is filled with thinned apple cider ginger, the hunt for good apple cider ginger will be given in another post.

 5) Eat a little gusto and honey a little before every mess a while agone.

 6) For the first three hours of waking up in the morning, stay on an empty stomach as much as possible and drink only water.

 7) Enough protein in the morning breakfast-2-4 eggs/ 2-3 pieces of fish or meat or 130-150 grams of chickpeas and 50 grams of almonds.

8) Remove all packaged-bottled plant- made reused food from the house.

 9) Consume 1-2 grams of vitamin C a day, along with 200 IU of vitamin E.

 10) Regularly eat non-refined whole grains as carbohydrates. Brown rice, barley chatu / barley, chickpeas, lentils, rice bounce, roaled oats, sweet potatoes, carrots are good carbohydrate sources.

 11) Use natural comestible canvas mustard, banning all refined canvas.

12) Maintain two fasting cycles for at least 3 days a month. Dieting on a fasting cycle will be observed for three successive days, in another for at least 18 hours per day and if possible for 24 hours. ( Only the water can run.)

 13) Those who can go it should regularly take vitamin D-2000 IU and vitamin K2 45 mcg, vitamin B1 3-5 mg, use 20 mg of zinc once a day.

 14) Do bodyweight exercise or weight lifting at least 2 days a week.

 15) 3-5 sets of HIIT exercises at least 4 days a week.

16) Don't use the phone after 8p.m.

 17) Don't leave a gap of further than 12 hours between the first and last mess of the day.

 18) Avoid analogous sticky foods and don't consume sticky foods more than 2 times a month.

 19) Stop sleeping with a mobile phone near your head.

20) Quitting smoking and other dependences, limiting tea and coffee.

.21) Stop making plutocrat in the wrong way.

 22) Giving up lying.

 23) Stay down from libel and covetousness.

24) Trying to get out of the habit of fussing too important about commodity.

 25) Eat only when you're empty, don't eat if you aren't empty, and give thanks to Allah after eating.

 26) Keep weight machine, kitchen scale, dimension vid and body fat calipers at home. As well as keeping low- cost instruments of basic exercises similar as dumbbells, skipping ropes, ranch grips, resistance bands, tammy trimmers.

 27) Not to use implements made of Teflon-aluminium.

28) Limiting the use of plastic-polythene.

 29) Using an actuated coconut watercolor-mis-walk/ bash encounter rather of toothbrush-toothpaste.

 30) Before going to sleep at night, supplicate in the dark in solitariness and tell Allah of all the mournings and apologize for one's miscalculations, as well as to give thanks for all that has gone well.

 Launch following at least 5 of these rules every month. Life will change,If Allah wills.
 Rather of leaving the body- mind in the hands of fate, keep the control of the arm in your own hands, you'll see that the body will come pious to you.

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